Debunk 8 dating myths

In other words, a matching pair is the exception, not the rule.

Believe the scientific evidence and the awesomely inspiring online photo libraries of real labia, like this one (NSFW), not some random dude gossiping in the locker room about his sexual “conquests.” MYTH #2: Labia are part of the vagina.

An examination of 10 of the major myths about the Battle of the Little Bighorn follows.

In reality, Custer’s hair was cut short, and the regiment left its sabers behind.

Pity the poor labia — they’re more hated on than the Kardashian sisters.

Here we debunk ten commons myths about them, to help you the love the labia in your life a little more. FACT: Most women have different sized labia — exact symmetry is rare in nature — in the same way that most people have one foot that’s bigger than the other.

On the way back to Cairo, Spörri realized that what he had seen was very special.Although some soldiers ran from Custer’s Hill, they did hold their ground and fight from their position as long as they could. Deal with it The Battle of the Little Bighorn, fought on the banks of the river of that name in Montana Territory in June 1876, is the most often discussed fight of the Indian wars. Custer’s Battalion – C, E, F, I and L companies – was wiped out, but the majority of the seven other companies under Major Marcus Reno and Captain Frederick Benteen survived. We only need to read Terry’s written instructions to clarify the situation.It has been said that we will never know what happened there because there were no survivors. Custer Disobeyed His Orders Many Custerphobes insist Custer violated Brig. Terry wrote that he “places too much confidence in your zeal, energy, and ability to wish to impose upon you precise orders which might hamper your action when nearly in contact with the enemy.” Terry gave Custer suggestions that he should attempt to carry out, “unless you shall see sufficient reason for departing from them.” In addition to the written orders, Terry entered Custer’s tent before he left on his final march, and told him, “Use your own judgment and do what you think best if you strike the trail.” Custer did not disobey his orders. The Indian Village Was Immense Traditionally, the village on the Little Bighorn has been depicted as the largest ever seen in the West.of the relic of Bir Hooker outlined the true account of Swiss club owner Gregor Spörri and his encounter with an elderly farmer in Egypt, Nagib, a descendant of an ancient family of grave robbers.Nagib showed Spörri a relic that had passed down through his family – a wooden box containing a mummified finger that measured 35 centimetres in length, along with documents proving its authenticity, including x-rays carried out on the artefact in the 1960s.

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