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Presenting his own contemporary take on folklore, the designer presented a host of characters - or online personas - in this offering, among them a nun who wore an oversized tweed coat along with a heart shaped padlock and a habit as well a gothic bride who closed the show in a billowing parachute gown.

Accessories included rouched leather booties and a clever take on the classic kitten heel.

Clearly keen to explore the world he remains determined to avoid, today's artisanal showcase was an exploration into the disingenuous personas social media users are able to construct for themselves through the use of instagram.A few violas, cellos, one double bass, and several violins have survived. His instruments have often been copied or imitated, and were occasionally even mistaken for those of Antonio Stradivari. However, he had a prodigious output of instruments.Occasionally, instruments with his label actually belonged to his father or to his brother. The pattern offered is the 'Pirate' jacket, an exclusive Galliano design that first appeared on the catwalk in his Autumn/Winter 2001 collection.Referencing seventeenth century female buccaneers Ann Bonney and Pirate Queen Marianne, the garment simultaneously speaks of the re-cyclical nature of rebel clothing, a constant theme within Galliano’s work since his graduate collection in 1984.

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