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This article is part of a series in which a group of Irish twentysomethings discussed issues affecting their lives.

Click here to read their views on rent, drink and drugs and here for an ex-twentysomething's view of this generation. Does the term baby boomer resonate with the life you have led over the past six decades?

Mike Murphy, from Clane, Co Kildare lives in Vancouver, Canada with his fiancée Melissa Grandolini.

Melissa got in touch with to explain that they regularly receive telemarketing phone calls late in the evening.

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I wouldn’t have been involved if it wasn’t for him. I say: ‘Keep saying Yes and include everybody’.” Mrs Connolly is a veteran of the marriage equality campaign.

If I didn’t have a gay son, I’m not sure I’d be here,” says Eithna Hyland. She made a video in 1985 and is about to make another one.

She is not one for campaigning, but she wanted to be outside City Hall in Dublin to see off the Yes Equality bus that will visit every county in the State before the May 22nd same-sex marriage referendum. “People should vote Yes because God made us all,” she says.

Yes Equality is a national group campaigning for a Yes vote. I have been a minister of the Eucharist,” she tells . “We should have been kinder to gay and lesbian people before now.” Mrs Hyland always knew her son was gay.

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