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The solution: The answer is that you didn't do anything wrong.

If your users are not synchronized from Active Directory, you can change the sign-in name from the details page in Office 365.

In the above example, accountname will continue to be DOMAIN\jdoh in Share Point, though other properties are synced correctly- I would assume by SID.

This means that the users' my profile and mysite links still refer to the 'old' name (ie Person.aspx? What steps should be taken to fix this in Share Point when an account name is changed in AD?

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We made the changes on our local AD and synched them O365. The online (and offline) GAL still shows a last name of Smith and an alias of "jsmith". How can we get Jane's new name change to appear on O365?

Basically connect to Azure AD using Power Shell then…

Have you noticed that in Windows not everything is as it seems?

Microsoft had a handy fix for me, but its still kind of odd it didn’t do it automatically, but at least it was easy fix.

It was Scenario 2 in my case, something do do with renaming users with a 365 license it seems.

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