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Most remote uis that support connecting to Transmission will also connect to Vuze Web Remote.Tools-Vuze Web Remote The plugin inherits the options of a generic 'Web Plugin' (those controlling port, protocol, pairing, access control).You can disable this - see Decentralized_Chat#Notifications 5500 required an update to SWT to version 4508 to function properly.There are two versions of GTK at large, the older GTK2 (which Vuze has worked with for a long time) and the newer GTK3.I just updated to the latest Vuze program on 2 computers and it seems to have broken the VPN Helper plugin. But, unless I uncheck the "Use VPN's Port Forwarding" under "Plugins : VPN Helper" the proper port number won't stay. You can always check to see if your Peer list has any "R" (Remote) connected clients. If there was a warning, we've had a few people solve the problem by blanking out the "PIA Program directory" path in the plugin config and restarting Vuze. If it says it's ok, and got a port, and it's different than the one reported by the PIA app, everything should still be ok. The plugin tries to use the existing one, but may end up getting a new one.

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plugin=xmwebui The plugin supports a general JSON-based protocol and can therefore be used to control Vuze directly (as opposed to via the supplied HTML interface).If I set the TCP/UDP ports under "Connection" to the port assigned to me by PIA everything works fine and my "R" connections return in my peer list.If I stop PIA everything stops and I get a red "BAD" icon.You want to select a port that will forward incoming data to your computer's IP address using the port of choice, and ensure that software firewalls and antivirus programs do not interfere.If you skimmed the above passages, you may be confused by the following procedures. If you know you own a router, continue reading this page in its intended order.

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