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The first episode has more skin and seduction than a Holly Madison promotional video — before the opening credits. But ABC’s publicity campaign leaves little doubt the network sees “Mistresses” as the TV equivalent of an irresistible steamy summer beach read, with on-air trailers that feature everything but Fabio.Based on a popular 2008-2010 British series, “Mistresses” follows four women through their ill-advised relationships with men of varying quality.He was a regular on the short-lived Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade and had recurring roles on Angel and 24. Tsi Chou in a 2008 miniseries based on the acclaimed Michael Crichton novel The Andromeda Strain.His film credits include a small part in Spider-Man 2 as a scientist working in Doctor Octavius' laboratory, and Crash, the 2005 Best Picture Academy Award winner.Alyssa Milano plays Savannah Davis, an ambitious married attorney.Savi and her husband are trying to have a baby and it seems that he’s the problem, which of course makes him turn on her, which of course makes her turn to Dominic, her handsome colleague. Dominic and Savannah set a world land speed record for going from hands off to nothing on.Jes Macallan plays Joss Carver, Savi’s free-spirited younger sister. This occasionally creates problems, but at least when the others take their inevitable guilt trips, she can be their designated driver.Rochelle Aytes plays April Malloy, recently widowed, with a 10-year-old daughter and a home decorating shop. “If you scratch the surfaces, there’s so much more than the affair and the word.

Kim also runs a film and television production company called 3AD, which is currently producing the television series The Good Doctor, based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name.

Savi’s free-spirited and capricious baby sister, Josselyn, couldn’t be more different – living single, serial dating and partying, and regularly leaning on her big sister along the way.

Their common best friend, April, a recent widow and mother of two, is rebuilding her life after tragedy and learning to move forward, with the support and guidance of her closest girlfriends.

Lost is a drama series containing elements of science fiction and the supernatural that follows the survivors of the crash of a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney ...

Meet Savi, a successful career woman working toward the next phase in her life — both professional and personal — simultaneously bucking for partner at her law firm while she and her husband, Harry, try to start a family of their own.

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